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Extracting Knowledge: Understanding Ingestible Extracts

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When cannabis experts hear “concentrate” or “extract”, their minds hop to a slab of shatter or another dabbable product - but what about CBD Oil? “Concentres & Extracts” can have a wide meaning in the cannabis world, as by definition, it is any product that is a “Concentrated” version of what a cannabis phenotype may offer or an extracted element (or group of). Ingestible Extracts refers to Bottled Oil, Oral Sprays, and Capsules - now that we’ve established our focus, let’s dive in.

What’s the Difference in Formats?

When it comes to Bottled Oil, Oral Sprays, and Capsules; what’s the difference? Even if all of these products are derived from the same plant; probably a few! There can be a difference in carrier oil - a helpful thing to consider if there are any allergies. With the arrival of Nano-Tech products, some oils may even take effect sooner. Some Bottled Oils are placed into spray options or even capsules to allow consumers a more convenient way to take another dose; much more appropriate for “on-the-go” consumptions! While a Bottled Oil gives consumers the opportunity to take a customized dose dependent on their needs, spray-form oils and capsules forgo the customization in favor of practicality/ease of use.

Beyond Formats

While some products may be the same offering in a different form, there are many different offerings that may affect the price of your product. All cannabis products begin with genetics; if your oil is an extraction that is cultivar specific, this may drive the price up versus the generic oil - as it is more costly to save/grow specific cultivars instead of utilizing remaining biomass. Method of extraction is the next large factor in driving price - method of extraction will affect everything from yield, to potency, to purity, and subsequently, the price along with it. Then from there, there can even be added terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds that may change effects.

Value Per Dose

As these products are extractions, how much extracted compound is going to affect price? While some CBD Oils are $20 and others $100, looking at the label will help make sense of this. Often, lower-priced oils will naturally contain lower dose sizes (around, if not below, 10mg/mL) - this is an effective micro-dose for trying the compound, but experienced users may require higher concentrations  Studies have shown CBD to be most effective around the ratio of 2.5mg/KG of body weight - making a 100mg/mL product offering much more effective as much less oil can be consumed to experience the same level of benefits; effectively extending the life of the product.

The Budtenders Association continues to focus on research & development for educational purposes, and has created the graphic below to help show what may drive up the price of an Ingestible Extract. If you want practical knowledge, check out Budtenders Association’s event page to find an active Ingestible Extract Tasting, such as the Florescence Tasting! Budtenders are the key researchers of our industry and we pay them for their valued feedback and contributions. 

Product differentiators for cannabis concentrates; oil and ingestible options

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