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What can be Gained from Budtender Insight: A Gellati Case Study

by aroma |

Budtenders are our industry's researchers and  taste-makers; given  the time they spend educating consumers on cannabis and all the product derivatives in the market , they gain a deep understanding of what consumers want and what makes great cannabis. Through the Budtenders Association’s Tasting program, we pay Budtenders to review different products to gain and  deliver unbiased product and category insights .

MSIKU earned an amazing reputation amongst Budtenders for the promise of hand-trimming, sought-after genetics, and ethics-driven marketing; but what do Budtenders really think? Let’s take a closer look at what our team of industry researchers had to say about Gellati.

First Impressions, Best Impressions

A strong first impression can really drive a relationship forward, and this cultivar  was no exception. Through examining the visual elements such as moisture levels and trim (amongst others), Budtenders can score their first impressions and better  communicate product offerings to clients. The large nugs & trim described by Budtenders as a “perfect hand-trim” explains the excitement a cannabis connoisseur might feel while opening the jar! Budenders identified a moisture level that was very “middleground”, and identified the opportunity for a moisture pack to elevate the product!

Sniff Test!

In the Legacy Markets, the saying “The Nose Knows” carries weight - without proper access to analytics labs  - potency & effects were driven through visual checks & a deep whiff. Through packaging regulations, these methods of selecting cannabis are unavailable to clients, giving them the need to consult a Budtender to avoid picking blindly. Scent is an amazing way Budtenders describe products to focus on experience rather than cannabinoid read-out; it allows for stories to be shared and nostalgia to be created in a client as both reminisce over great experiences and the one to come. In this  Gellati phenotype, Budtenders reported overwhelmingly positive feedback on scent; ranking its intensity, complexity, and pleasantness relatively high.

How does it Hit?

Describing intended effects can be the most difficult part of budtending; how can you predict how the product will affect a consumer when everyone absorbs cannabis products differently? Through all of the data collected, we found the majority of Budtenders recommend Gellati as a great pick for quiet contemplation and alone time. Through this knowledge, a Budtender can pair Gellati with a consumer  who wants a quiet night in with confidence and ease; which we know will happen as 80% of Budtenders said they would recommend this product - regardless of budget.

Currently, there is a plethora of active Tastings on the Budtenders Association website; membership is free for anyone working in cannabis retail - sign up today if you’d like to get in on the Tasting fun and paid to become a cannabis researcher


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