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Buying Better Bud: Understanding Dry Flower Pricing

by aroma |

Often in dispensaries, I hear consumers dismiss their budtender digging for information; “It’s all the same, I just want the cheapest” they claim! Budtenders are in the unique position to show these clients a better experience by explaining what can drive the price between these products up!

Production Methods Matter!

It all comes down to the method of production, and how much production went into your product. As shown below, dry flower can come as whole flower, pre-ground, or pre-rolled; Pre-Rolls generally at an elevated cost due to needing to be rolled, and pre-ground at a lesser cost as it (often) utilizes dry cannabis that wouldn’t be well-received in a jar! 

Budtender's Guide to What Changes the Price of a Product - Dry Flower Special

Starting with rare genetics may elevate some costs, especially if there are inherent difficulties with that phenotype; such as Blueberry’s notorious PM issues. Human hands & eyes are the most effective tools for producing amazing buds, and that means these folks need to be paid! The more people in the facility nurturing your cannabis, the better; they all bring expertise that will change every element of the flower inside - from how it looks to how it smokes! A Master Grower can identify what their crops need to grow healthy and potent while a machine just gauging the moisture and feeding on a schedule cannot. A trained trimmer can perfectly manicure your flower, while a machine will remove trichome heads and leaves indiscriminately. 

So What Do We Do?

To uncover why the price is elevated, encourage your budtenders to browse the brand’s website and the website of your provincial wholesaler, which contain most of the pertinent information. Another amazing source of information is the brand’s territory manager, who will be happy to answer any questions your budtenders may have.

The Budtenders Association has compiled a list of factors that will change the price of the cannabis in your back rooms so you can help your team speak to your menu! For any and all assistance, contact the BTA!

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