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Culture. Community. Connection.


With decades of cumulative experience in the legacy and legal cannabis market, we identified the need for a unified, centralized space that connects Budtenders and facilitates individual and industry growth, in a new versatile way. 


The Budtenders Association exists to bridge the gap in information, opportunity, and connection across the cannabis industry through unique experiences. We have built a space for Budtenders, by Budtenders; a space that supports and empowers its members, encourages collaboration, and provides unique opportunities that will help shape the rapidly evolving Canadian cannabis industry. 


This is an inclusive network working towards cannabis de-stigmatization and positive change through education, professional development, community events and research. Our ethos is rooted with the responsibility of paving the way forward from a conscious and ethical perspective.

We welcome Budtenders from across Canada to become members while inviting brands and retailers to work with our association.



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