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Culture. Community. Connection.


Budtenders Association (BTA) was founded in 2020 by a collaborative team of industry professionals, passionate about Cannabis, who bring together a variety of experiences, decades of accumulated knowledge and expertise.

With exposure to different functions, roles, operations and ultimately perspectives across the industry, both prior-to and throughout recreational legalization, BTA was founded as a response to an apparent need for a centralized resource for education, empowerment and growth.

Rooted in culture, community and connection, BTA is where Cannabis, People and Business intersect!

The first founding months were spent developing programs in close collaboration with Budtenders (the front line educators, tastemakers and curators of our industry) to address the current issues, gaps and opportunities in the interest of collectively carving the path forward. 

Today, BTA is a strong community with hundreds of members and thousands of supporters across the country. Membership provides access to an exclusive Member Portal - opening doors to education, professional development, and community programs including an online networking forum as well access to exciting events.

BTA offers services to retailers who want to enlist and train the best staff, technologies to effectively engage consumers, and support to ensure smooth operations. All this is done in close collaboration with cannabis brands and LPs to bring education to Budtenders and further cannabis research through various R&D  programs. 

Cultivating strong relationships along the way BTA has formed amazing partnerships with StrainBrain, White Ash Group, and Budtender Awards as we continue to connect with like-minded people looking to make an impact in our industry.

Interested in Collaborating? We Want to Hear from You! 

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