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A Mindful Minute

by Budtenders Association |


That’s the average number of in-person interactions BTA members have with customers

every. single. day.

The sphere of influence and potential impact of each one of those encounters is [immeasurable]”

(Budtenders Association, as cited in Cannabis Prospect Mag, June 2022)

Being mindful of your power to influence an industry, a business, a consumer, and yourself is crucial to say the least, but what does being mindful mean and how can we cultivate this quality to make our life and that of those around us better?

Every monthly edition of The Inner Circle features A Mindful Minute which explores different concepts and ideas related to the body, mind, soul & cannabis connection. Taking a hands on approach, we encourage you to join us in the monthly challenge to focus your attention on the present moment, and regulate emotions all while connecting on a deeper level with cannabis. 

Headspace defines mindfulness as “...being present and fully engaged with whatever you’re doing at the moment - free from distraction or judgment, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them”

The more we expand our awareness of the interconnectedness of all people and plants, and come to the realization that what we say and do contains messages that trigger emotions that determine how we make people feel, the more deliberate we become in our interaction with customers, colleagues and ourselves - creating a positive impact on our communities. 


The Benefits of Mindfulness 

There’s nothing new here. The practice of mindfulness has been around for thousands of years whether on its own or as part of a larger tradition or philosophy. Owing to its roots in Eastern culture and becoming popularized in the West, the integration with Western science was a crucial aspect in helping mindfulness gain widespread acknowledgment in its proven ability to change the wiring and makeup of our brains.

Playing an important role in the field of psychology, mindfulness has become a useful tool to increase overall well being, comes in lots of different forms and just like anything - the more you practice, the more natural it becomes. Specific benefits are proven to:

  1. Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  2. Increase cognitive ability and function
  3. Emotional regulation 
  4. Better physical health
  5. Show up as the best version of you!

Mindfulness and Cannabis Exercise 

According to internal research, cannabis is an integral part of daily living for our members with 94% of us consuming it every day, of which 62% are ALL DAY consumers… And because we also know that dried flower is the most popular format amongst you and 72% of you roll your own joints, taking the time to savor the ritual is a rare occurrence and becomes an automatic function…We bet you could roll a joint with your eyes closed!

Mindless cannabis consumption can lead to it being used as a suppressant and numbing agent instead of a tool to support or improve our wellbeing. 

Bringing mindfulness into our cannabis use naturally transforms our connection and relationship to the plant. 

This month's challenge can be repeated multiple times over the coming weeks and will help train your focus on the present moment: 



Carve out a moment in your day to sit down, unplug and get your cannabis supplies out. Turn off all external distractions such as TV and put your phone on airplane mode for these precious 12 minutes. Prepare your joint rolling supplies in front of you and let this be your time, to make this your personal ritual. 


Carefully select which flower you're going to be rolling up today and think about why you chose that particular cultivar. Notice what order your automatic tendencies lean to. Do you grab the grinder first before preparing your filter tip, or does the paper selection happen first, are you using a tray for the ground up bud or directly pouring filling you the grinder…notice your process as it's unfolding. Take the time to appreciate each of the tools available to you for crafting your masterpiece.


Joint Rolling is a pleasurable sensory experience. Take time to notice and feel all of the aromas, textures, sounds, flavors and colors of your cannabis . Be Mindful of the atmosphere, the company you are keeping, what is happening in the present moment. This allows you to be fully present and get the most enjoyment, pleasure out of your joint.


Ask yourself, “am I rolling out of boredom or habit, what am I feeling that led me to wanting to spark one up right now?”

Set an intention for your session and be fully aware of why or how cannabis is helping or not helping you in life today. By checking in with yourself you begin to observe, understand and learn unconscious patterns that have built up over time.

Happy toking! 

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