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Blind Review Fridays: Episode 5 White Widow

by Samuel Hunt |

As one of the most popular cannabis cultivars White Widow became a bit of a household name thanks to its High Times Cannabis Cup Win in 1995. This cross of a Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Hybrid humbles even the most experienced consumers.

Canaca - Black Jar 

Canaca had some good jar appeal, an odd yellow tinge on the buds. The Aromas were faint yet woody mixed with a very grassy aroma. The inhale was musky and full with only a slight cedar or wood taste. The effects were the most sedative out of the three brands.

7 Acres - Yellow Jar 

7 Acres came in with some really abstract aromas of potatoes and vinegar. The buds were trimmed tight and were very dense. Some sweet spicy aromas came through on the grind and the inhale that were very uplifting in their effects. In our opinion the more uplifting and sweet of the three. 

Spinach - Red Jar 

Spinach had some stank to it, some good sized dense nugs with a bit of a darker hues of green on this one. The sour, gassy aroma led to a slightly harsh inhale accompanied by a peppery, spicy taste. The effects were middle of the road, very chill and conversational. 

In conclusion,

All three expressed White Widow traits in different ways. If you are asked by a customer the differences I think it is safe to say that Spinach has the gassiest White Widow, 7 Acres is the sweetest and Canaca has one of the more sedative yet smooth buds. 

Have you tried these products or other White Widows? Let us know!