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By The Numbers

by Samuel Hunt |

Blind Review Fridays have come to an end. Here is the quick run through of our ratings for each episode and some quick reference points.

Super Skunk

Top Leaf: 78/100 – Most Potent 
18Twelve: 57/100 – Most Aromatic

Pink Kush

San Rafael 71’ : 68/100 – Most Aromatic
Top Leaf: 78/100 – Most Uplifting
Flowr: 78/100 – Most Sedative


Namaste: 46/100 – Value Price
Redecan: 76/100 – Most Potent
Fireside: 80/100 – Most Uplifting and Aromatic


Edison: 52/100 – Most Moist
Sundial: 72/100 – Most Aromatic
Palmetto: 67/100 – Most Uplifting

White Widow

CANACA: 65/100 – Most Sedative
7Acres: 74/100 – Most Uplifting
Spinach: 77/100 – Most Aromatic

Sensi Star

Namaste: 70/100 – Most Sedative
Fireside: 79/100 – Most Aromatic
Spinach: 68/100 – Most Potent

All Blind Review Friday guests collaborated and meticulously worked with us to put together these numbers based on a variety of criteria. It is hard to say how each one will affect everyone but, hopefully this will provide Budtenders with quick reference points when describing different products of the same cultivar name.

Are you interested in being a guest on Friday Blind Reviews? Send us your information on our general submissions page with the subject line Blind Review Guest