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Blind Review Fridays: Episode 4 Chemdawg

by Samuel Hunt |

Chemdawg is a classic cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This week, my guest Dualeh Elmi and I  examined 3 brands,Palmetto, Sundial and Edison.


This jar had a slightly sour nose to it, with small fluffy buds with average jar appeal. The aromas of sour woodsyness just didn't quite come to the party. The smoke was OK, with a slight muskiness on the inhale and a piney harshness on the exhale. The effects were probably the most uplifting and light of the three. 

Sundial - Daydream 

This jar was full of stem and shake which was unfortunate given its price tag. The buds expressed some dark purple hues and were dry to the touch. The Aromas were very similar to Palmetto’s with a hint of hash or dates. The inhale was smooth but turned harsh quickly ang it didn't live up to the sour aroma commonly found with this cultivar. The effects were the most enjoyable out of the - 3 very giggly and fun.


Definitely the most moist of the three - it also had a slight purple hue but not as noticeable. The aromas were very common with the other but slightly sweeter. The smoke was light on the inhale but completely lacked flavor. The experience was heavy and slightly groggy, definitely the most sedative of the three.  

In conclusion,

Sundial Daydream was our winner.

It did have poor jar appeal but  it expressed some pleasant aromas of dates and citrus. Edison's buds still seemed way too moist and were heavy in their effects. Lastly, Palmetto was a pleasant surprise for the price point coming in just under 33$ for 3.5g it was just lacking in full aroma. All in all, this was our tightest race yet!

Have you tried these strains or other Chemdawg? Let us know!