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Blind Review Fridays: Episode 3, WAPPA

by aroma |

Hey Buds,

Wappa was one of the strains I remember selling a lot of when I started as a budtender. It became a bit more of a staple for brands in their line up as a high THC “Indica” for consumers. These Strains were a bit more reasonably priced starting at $28 and going just a shade above $40 for 3.5g. My guest Sebastian Monslaves and I blindly reviewed three brands - REDECAN, Namaste and Fireside. 


One nug stood out among the other dense popcorn nugs with notes of berry pine and citrus - this strain expressed some pretty desirable aromas. The inhale was fairly harsh; the notes of pine and berry became more faint as a woody musk took over. The Ash was salt and pepper and the experience was a bit delayed. The effects were very mellow and relaxing yet alert, and able to still carry on good conversation. 


Unfortunately, this strain let us down hard. The small moist nugs were bursting with tropical aromas of berry and citrus that did not translate in the burn. The inhale was sweet at first then became extremely harsh with an unpleasant metallic taste similar to Iron that did not go away. We both had to take a bit of a break afterwards as heavy eyes and slight headaches creeped in.


The largest nugs across the three products but with price-point at $40+/3.5g, that's what I expect. These dense nugs expressed a heavy musk and citrus rind with a bit of a grape, vitamin type of aroma. The inhale was smooth and enjoyable with lovely effects for a strain with 16.3% THC. This was my personal favourite out of the three brands; the effects were much more focused and alert than the other strains and had the best flavour. 

In conclusion, Namaste really missed the mark on this one. Both Fireside and REDECAN performed well even with about a 5% THC content difference. Nonetheless, Fireside is the better experience but as usual REDECAN is the best bang for your buck strain. This was a close race. 


Have you tried these strains or other WAPPA? Let us know!