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Blind Review Fridays: Episode 2, Pink Kush.

by Samuel Hunt |

Pink Kush (PK) is probably one of the most iconic Kush strains on the Canadian recreational cannabis market. It only seemed fitting to have our second episode dive into the brands that actively list their cultivars as Pink Kush. This week we examined three different brands whose 3.5g SKU's retail at $40 and up. Price from lowest to highest goes San Rafael 71’, Top Leaf, Flowr. Truthfully, this one had both myself and my guest Joey Busat a little mixed up...this is what we found.  

San Rafeal 71’

Very small nugs with a fair amount of stems and leaves, not something you would want or expect for bud over $40 an eighth. The aromas were still very much intact, heavy pine and “Pink” aromas, referring to a sweetener or burnt cotton candy smell. The smoke was pretty harsh and the effects were quite mild, heavy eyes definitely what we would refer to as an “Indica” high.


Large dense nugs accompanied by strong pine, citrus and musky aromas. This one smacks you right in the face with a heavy floral aroma in the inhale. Very heavy in the eyes as we slouched in our chairs. In comparison to the other brands this PK hit like a freight train and was definitely provided the heaviest stone.

Top Leaf

This is my personal favourite out of the three brands, even though the nugs were small. Strong aromas of wood and spice. The inhale was extremely smooth but lacked in flavour compared . The effects were much more alert and uplifting than the other brands. 

In Conclusion, Flowr hit the hardest, San Rafael 71’ had the most recognizable and memorable 'PK character' and Top Leaf had the smoothest inhale with less sedative effects. 

Have you tried these strains or other Pink Kush? Let us know!