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Thoughts from a Budding Budtender: The Potential of Strain-Specific Cannabis Infusions in Recipes

by Daniel Morris |  | 1 comment

Understanding Terpenes 

Terpenes are important to cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) percentages might give you a better high but not without interactions with terpenes, known as the ‘entourage effect’. Terpenes and cannabinoids work together to give you whichever high you experience from any given strain. Kelsey Cannabis posted a great article about terpenes earlier this year where they explain ‘the entourage effect’ in further detail (IG: @kelseycannabis) as well as snapshots of common terpenes found in cannabis.


What's Cooking?

My interest in cannabis eventually led me to create a blog on Instagram where I share my edible infusions, called StonePetal Edibles (@stonepetaledibles). Stone – as in the trichomes on buds, and Petal – as in the flower buds themselves. It started by seeing how well I could use my existing cooking skills to start making cannabis edibles that were more than just cookies or brownies. I’ve had success infusing different foods but I always felt that there was more to it than just getting high. 

This got me thinking - imagine edibles infused with specific quantities of specific strains to actually produce a distinct taste. Cannabis is a produce, a plant–like basil – so why not use it as an ingredient? Terpenes can be preserved and experienced when smoking cannabis through our endocannabinoid system, but can that same experience be had through homemade edibles? 

Consumers, currently, can choose whatever strains they want for infusions – a “build your high” opportunity. A stepping stone to this ‘build your high/flower’ concept can be seen with Leafly’s Strain Finder – where you can plug in a handful of pre-set terpenes to discover strains closest to what you’re looking for. I use this all the time to find new strains and ‘strain hunt’ for new recipe ideas.


A recent idea my partner and I had was a “Mac ‘n’ Cheese” infusion: MAC 1 (Alien Cookies x Colombian Gold x Starfighter) from Citizen Stash, and Franco’s Lemon Cheese (Super Lemon Haze x UK Cheese) from 48 North, both in pre-rolls. This infusion focuses on two main terpenes: limonene and humulene. Giving the infusion a zesty, tangy finish, which was then incorporated into a 5-cheese macaroni recipe. It turned out well – and gave quite a zip!

Find the Recipe HERE!!

 By no means an expert. I’m an enthusiast. There is so much potential for edibles to have a place with cuisine. I hope more people share more of their edibles recipes and that cannabis continues to normalize. It’s up to us budtenders and cannabis connoisseurs to come up with the next wave of food infusions. Share yours with me on StonePetal! And bon appetite!



Comments (1)

  • Andrea on May 19, 2021

    Love your mac and cheese recipe…definitely going to give it a try! Do you have more recipes posted? Thanks! Cheers, Andrea

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