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by Budtenders Association •

Smoking in Style- Finding the Pipe Perfect for You

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your smoking experience and experiment with pipes? Maybe you're drawn in by the old fashioned look, or you want to get the a limited edition design. Whatever you motivation, our friends at Parkdale Brass have broken down your options.  Glass Pipes: The Newbie   Glass pipes are a classic in the cannabis accessories world and are often the safe choice for beginners. Varying in structure, design, and cost, glass pipes are a great introductory piece to those looking to start their collection. However, while the science behind this type of pipe is evolving and newer types of glass are emerging, one thing has not changed: glass pipes don’t travel well.   Wooden Pipes: The Old-Timer   People have been smoking out of wooden pipes forever and by that, we mean approximately ​2,500 years​! Although stone pipes are much older, wooden pipes simply have staying power, because they are easy to make and offered a great taste. You’ll see wooden pipes made from nearly any type of wood, offering a variety of styles and tastes.   Metal Pipes: The Immortals Metal smoking pipes have a reputation for being sturdy, durable, and ready to take what life throws at them. Of course, we have to mention that not all metal pipes are created equal. From silver to stainless steel to brass, you can find a wide variety of metal accessories on the market today. Metal smoking pipes are often more affordable than other accessories, depending on the raw material and features they offer. However, the individual components of a smoking pipe can determine if it is safe to use or not. Unfortunately, there are some metal accessories out there that aren’t made from the safest materials. Brass Versus Other Metals Our love for brass doesn’t merely come from its golden shine, sleek feel, or durability. Brass is a sturdy metal that is ideal for crafting safe smoking accessories. While other metals, like aluminum,  are more affordable, their problematic health standing makes them completely out of the question. Heating Brass It goes without saying that heating metal is another story in terms of health and safety. Being around metals in innocuous situations isn’t the same as using them to heat your goods. After all, consider that when you wrap leftovers in aluminum you aren’t exposed to the toxic lead fumes that this metal creates when heated. Fortunately, eco brass is completely safe to heat and perfect for smoking cannabis. The fact that brass is an alloy makes it more resistant to wear and tear than metals like silver or gold. Furthermore, the non-toxic quality of eco brass will ensure that you are always enjoying your flower safely and securely. Pipe smoking and cannabis are important tools to help people stay grounded and sane. Rightly so, choosing the right accessory for you requires time and thought. With so many options out there today, you may be searching to acquire new accessories that will last a long time, but not hurt your wallet or body. On your journey towards finding your next accessory, we hope that you'll keep brass in mind when choosing the right accessory for you.