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DUNN Acai Berry Gelato PRE ROLLS

Nugz: 650


This is your chance to earn 650 Nugz = $65 for tasting:Dunn Acai Berry Pre-Rolls

Limited Tickets Available! 

How to Enter: 

Upload a photo of your receipt AND product! 

Limited 1 review per Member. 

Round 1 Closes Friday, May 23 2022

What are Tastings?     

Tastings are an opportunity for Budtenders to be compensated for their knowledge and expertise by reviewing some of the products they consult on daily! 

How does it work? 

1. Purchase the product from your local dispensary 

2. Upload a photo of your receipt AND product to confirm your ticket 

3. Check your inbox (junk box too) for Tasting Notes

4. Once completed, your Nugz will be updated onto your account 

5. Redeem your Nugz for cash value once you've reached 1000 Nugz! 

* This Tasting is redeemable for 650 Nugz 

Review our Tastings Instructions to understand how you can take part!  

By reserving this ticket, you agree to the Terms and Conditions

DUNN Acai Berry Gelato PRE ROLLS