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StonePetal - Kolab Kalifornzza

by Daniel Morris |

To new beginnings, and reimagining.
Infuse every day with creativity: Kolab Kalifornzza.


From the ground up.

As with growing cannabis, a handmade pizza is considered not only by its whole, but by the sum of its individual efforts. By design, each topping of Kolab Kalifornzza complements the aroma and flavour of one of the main terpenes found in our Kalifornia strain: caryophyllne, limonene and myrcene.

The dough is made with infused oil, finished with a thin layer of “budder” at its base. The pepperoni and bacon elevate the spicy, savoury bite of the caryophyllene, while light marble and gouda cheeses offer a limonene-inspired tang. Topped with red bell peppers, the whole pizza experience is balanced with a sweetness amplified by the strain’s notes of myrcene.

A massive thank you to The Budtenders Association (@budtendersassociation), Kolab Project (@kolabproject) and Kindred Canada (@kindred_canada) for this recipe collaboration.




Terpene Boiling Temps:
Caryophyllene - 178C°
Limonene - 176C°
Myrcene - 166C°

About Kalifornia:

Containing high THC (between 17% – 25%) and virtually no CBD, Kalifornia is a unique, heavy-hitting Indica dominant strain, bred from crossing the legendary Nepali OG with 88 G-13 Hashplant. The primary terpenes found in Kalifornia are beta-myrcene and limonene, while its aroma and tasting notes bring to mind dense, lush vegetation: woody and earthy, with sharp, spicy undertones.

Available in dried flower, in collaboration with Lotus Cannabis Co.—a premium cannabis producer based out of the northern Okanagan region in British Columbia.

About Kolab Project:

A refined collection of high quality cannabis products and design-focused, purposeful goods. We connect consumers with a carefully selected group of collaborators in order to create products that are inspired by their ever-evolving needs.

Past collaborators include: F. Miller Skincare, Mercury Bureau, Tomo Hosogoe, OCAD University


Ingredients: Active yeast, warm water, bread flour, infused olive oil, salt, sugar, budder, pizza sauce, pepperoni, bacon, marble cheese, gouda cheese, red bell peppers.

Want to make your own?

Find the Recipe Card Here

Strains used:

Kolab – Kalifornia (Nepalese OG x 88’ G-13 Hashplant) - @kolab.project
Indica - THC 23.89%, CBD 0.073%

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